Marco Sampellegrini

Full stack Engineer

Fax +93012939333

Let's work together.

Business synergy for maximum hyper-scale ROI.

As a full stack engineer I help early-stage companies and founders with everything from product development to cloud infrastructure.

You want to build an MVP fast. Like, very fast.

I’ll help you get your first paying customers, cutting scope where appropriate.

You're looking for a Tech partner.

Save on hiring a full-time CTO before your business takes off. I'll lead product development and help you put together a team.

You're spending more time putting out 🔥🔥🔥 than developing the product.

I'll help you fix your cloud infrastructure, setup CI/CD workflows or rewrite critical parts of your stack in safer and faster languages (Haskell/Rust).

Email me to start a conversation and work on interesting projects.

Cool startups that trusted me.

And possibly regretted it.

Prima assicurazioni

Things I believe about Tech.

Keywords for recruiters.

Simple and scrappy is better than never shipped.

Asking customers is better than guessing.

Always bet on a monolith first.

Aws Cloud stick to the basics: RDS / EC2 / S3 / SQS / SNS / DynamoDB / Cloudwatch / Elasticache / Elasticsearch.

Postgres can do (almost) anything.

Haskell for services with lots of business logic.

Rust for performance critical services.

Terraform for *most* things (chicken/egg situations can get really complex).

Blue/Green deployment for zero downtime releases.

Conversations and accountability over SCRUM and story points.

Why rollback when you can roll forward.

Database migrations should always be run manually in production.

The best Staging environment is Production.

It's incredibly difficult to run *real* A/B tests.

Docker containers for custom runtimes.

Github Actions fo CI/CD.

Typescript + React for highly interactive applications.

Tailwind CSS and utility classes are super productive.

Next.js for _static but not quite_ websites.

Laravel + Livewire for super fast MVPs.

Serverless for scaling high traffic applications.

Figma for UI design and interactive prototypes.

Feature flags should be used more often.

You don't need a single page application.

Seriously though.

Get in touch and let's build something amazing.